What We Can Do to Help Restore Easter Lake

Since its creation in 1967, Easter Lake’s water quality has decreased largely due to urban development in its watershed. From 1967-2012, the lake lost nearly 30% of its volume due to sedimentation. 60% of this sediment was attributed to streambank erosion, primarily in Yeader Creek. The culprit of many of these problems is increased stormwater runoff which we can reduce using conservation practices.

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Problem solving using conservation

There are many ways we can help slow down and capture stormwater. By using conservation practices in strategic locations at our homes and in our community, we can bring back the landscape’s ability to soak up stormwater, improving Easter Lake. These conservation practices can also help fix problems such as poor lawn health, ponding and drainage issues, improve local habitat, and more. Some solutions include soil quality restoration, rain gardens, and rain barrels. Learn more…

Receive funding to cover 75% of the cost!

Residents of the Easter Lake Watershed are eligible for funding to cover up to 75% of the total cost of implementing conservation practices. Funding has been made available by our project partners and is administered by the Polk Soil & Water Conservation District. Pre-approval is required. For more information please call (515) 964-1883 ext.3 or email Julie.perreault@ia.nacdnet.net

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Schedule a site visit to learn which practices will fit your property

Not quite sure which conservation practices would work at your home? Maybe you have struggled to have a healthy lawn or have ponding and drainage issues? Perhaps you are interested in a pollinator garden and native plants? Schedule a site visit and we can help you find the right project and solutions!

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Types of Conservation Practices You Can Use

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