Permeable Pavement

What Are Permeable Pavers?

Permeable pavers are a stormwater management practice used in place of traditional concrete or asphalt to decrease stormwater runoff. Unlike traditional surfaces, permeable pavers allow water to infiltrate into a layer of rock. Water then moves into the soil or to a subsurface drain.

Why Install Permeable Pavers?

Permeable pavers are installed to protect water quality and reduce the volume of stormwater runoff. The process allows water to percolate slowly through the rock layer, filtering out many pollutants. This process also slows the water down, stabilizing stream flows and reducing flooding potential.

With careful planning and design, permeable pavers can be installed where traditional pavement is found. Areas such as driveways, roads, alleys, and parking lots are all suitable location for pavers.

Permeable Pavement in the Easter Lake Watershed

Over the course of the Easter Lake Watershed Project 25 permeable paver driveways have been installed. These driveways have all helped slow down stormwater running off individual houses while also adding a nice touch of curb appeal.

Through the Easter Lake Watershed Project, funding is available to residents to help cover a portion of the costs. Please note that interest for permeable pavers is very high throughout the watershed and so a waiting list has been created. If interested in learning more about permeable pavers Contact the Easter Lake Watershed Coordinator.

Additional Resources

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