Want to help improve water quality in your own backyard? We have funding to help!

To protect Easter Lake into the future we need all the help we can get from watershed residents to adopt practices, big and small, to protect water quality by improving soils, slowing down stormwater, and practicing basic pollution prevention.

For residents of the Easter Lake watershed, funding is available through the Easter Lake Watershed Project to assist landowners by covering up to 75% of the costs for the following conservation practices:

To check if you live in the Easter Lake Watershed and are eligible for funding, click the following link for a map of the watershed:

Easter Lake Watershed Map Click Here

If you live in the watershed, the next step to secure funding for your backyard conservation project is to contact the watershed coordinator to set up a site visit.

What is a site visit?

A site visit is a meeting we have with you at your home to go over the different options of conservation practices that could work to address goals or potential problems you may be experiencing in your yard. During this meeting we’ll help you understand the benefits of different conservation practices, explain the cost-share process and how to receive funding through the watershed project, and more. Through the years we have found meeting in person during a site visit is the best way to answer your questions and to help provide the best advice. Site visits generally take 30 minutes to an hour.

Unhappy with an unhealthy lawn? Are you looking for a new landscaping feature and want to see if you can help improve water quality? Do you have ponding water, drainage or erosion problems in your yard? Do you just want to figure out if there is any way to help Easter Lake, or help our threatened pollinator species and don’t know where to start? Start by contacting us and set up a site visit!

Contact the Easter Lake Watershed Coordinator by calling 515-964-1883 ext. 3 or email Julie.perreault@ia.nacdnet.net

We look forward to meeting you!

Make a real impact for the long-term health and sustainability of Easter Lake – install a conservation practice today!