Easter Lake Fish Stocking Plan

Part of the many exciting renovations at Easter Lake involves the improvement of the fishery and long awaited restocking of the lake.

In late 2018, internal lake restoration work was completed resulting in the removal of 678,000 cubic yards of sediment and over 4 miles of shoreline stabilization to improve water quality. Additionally, 130 fish habitat structures were installed including fish spawning beds, catfish hides, rock piles, and more. In March of 2019, Easter Lake was filled once again bringing Easter Lake to the next exciting step of restoration: restocking the lake.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has been working with Polk County Conservation to develop a stocking plan for Easter Lake. We are happy to share that the plan is now in motion.

Restock Timeline

April 2nd, 2019 – The Iowa DNR stocked 58 adult Largemouth Bass (which will spawn spring 2019) and 50,000; 1-2 inch Bluegill.

Late April 2019 – The Iowa DNR will stock Walleye fry into the main lake (500,000) and the rearing pond (30,000)

Late May 2019 – The Iowa DNR will harvest 1.5″ Walleye (that were grown from the fry) from the rearing pond and stock them into Easter Lake

October 2019 – The Iowa DNR will stock 2,000 eight-inch Channel Catfish

Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 – The Iowa DNR will stock 250-500 adult Black Crappie, which will spawn in the spring of 2020.

Page last updated April 25th, 2019