Solutions for the Easter Lake Watershed

To address water quality problems in Easter Lake, a wide variety of in-lake and watershed solutions are being implemented by project partners and landowners throughout the watershed. Major problems include lake sedimentation, a poor fishery, streambank erosion, increased stormwater runoff and pollutant loading into Easter Lake resulting poor water quality.

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Key needs to Improve & Protect Easter Lake

  • Community education & involvement in water quality improvement activities
  • Reduce stormwater runoff throughout the watershed
  • Reduce pollutant loading into Easter Lake, primarily phosphorus & sediment
  • Restore Easter Lake including lake dredging, shoreline stabilization, and fisheries improvements

Ways You Can Help Easter Lake

The driving force behind long-lasting improvements in Easter Lake is us, the community. As lake users and watershed residents we get to see and use the benefits of a healthy Easter Lake, and we have the most power to positively or negatively affect the lake.

Majority of the land in the Easter Lake Watershed is privately owned. As watershed residents we can make improvements at each of our homes to reduce stormwater runoff helping to reduce erosion in Yeader Creek and other creeks, and to stop the transport of pollutants like trash, oils, and phosphorus fertilizers from entering the lake and other waterbodies downstream.

Reduce stormwater runoff at your home using one or more of these conservation practices:

Easy ways to reduce pollutants within our watershed

Other ways to get involved in watershed improvements

Easter Lake Watershed Partner Projects

Lake Renovations

Streambank Stabilization

Other Watershed Improvement Projects

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