Watershed Project Overview

Easter Lake Vision Statement    

Easter Lake will be a sustainable resources that provides diverse outdoor recreation activities for visitors.  Public education and community involvement will be the driving force behind improving watershed management techniques and developing a healthy ecosystem.

Easter Lake Watershed Project      

Initial projects and programs will be aimed at reducing pollution entering the lake through major stream stabilizations, as well as cost-share and financial incentives for watershed rainscaping practices such as rain gardens, bioswales, pervious pavement, and more. 

Decreasing the amount of eroded soil entering Easter Lake is critical to restoring it back to a healthy, functioning system.  To investigate the many water quality issues within the watershed Iowa State University, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and Natural Resources Conservation Service conducted research on Easter Lake and Yeader Creek.  This research located priority areas, pollutant sources, and determined a recommended plan of action.


Currently Easter Lake is suffering from diminished water quality

Water Quality Management Plan

In response to the lake’s water quality problems, area stakeholders worked together to develop the Easter Lake Water Quality Management Pan.  This plan was established to provide guidance for the Watershed Project.  The plan includes an 8 year implementation strategy to improve water quality with a target load reduction of 23% sediment and 40% phosphorous.  The plan also outlines research findings, key structural practices to be implemented, and project costs.


Erosion is currently a major concern in the Easter Lake Watershed

Project GoalsThe goals and objectives were established to achieve the vision of project stakeholders.

Improve water quality throughout the watershed by implementing management practices

Reconnect Des Moines metro residents and visitors to the natural amenities of Easter Lake and its surroundings

Educate the public about water quality and increase awareness of how they affect the watershed

Increase the aquatic health and aesthetic value of Easter Lake