Watershed Council

Forming the Council

A series of public meetings were held in 2012 to inform the public about current research and study results.  Watershed landowners and other stakeholders were invited to be a part of the Watershed council at these meetings.  The Council will help create a management plan that will focus on improving Easter Lake and the associated watershed.  The Watershed Council provides local knowledge and input into the plan and they work closely with the Technical Advisory Team.  The Watershed Council typically meets every other month.

Council Members

Brian Meyer                             Roger Elliott

Dan Hurless                             Stan Thompson

John Curry                               Daniel Gregory

William Kreinbring                Carl Tarantino

Karl Schilling                           Lew Olson

Marian Gelb                             Rick Cerwick

Susan Noland

Council Meeting Notes May 12 2012

Council Meeting Notes March 26 2012

Council Meeting Notes January 19 2012