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Easter Lake at a Glance

Attracting over a million visitors each year, Easter Lake Park has been a great recreational resource to central Iowa since its creation in 1967. Easter Lake is fed by Yeader Creek which is part of a 6,380-acre watershed that stretches across Des Moines from the airport east to the lake. Over the last several years this popular 178-acre lake has faced diminishing water quality as development in the area has increased. The lake currently suffers from poor water clarity, algal blooms, high sedimentation rates, low oxygen concentrations, and a poor fishery.

Restoring Easter Lake

In response to the lake’s water quality problems, project partners completed research to identify pollutant sources, locate priority areas, and develop a plan of action to provide guidance and outline goals for the restoration project. Project partners have incorporated multiple funding sources into future lake and watershed improvements, as well as a new trail system that will further connect local residents to the natural amenities of Easter Lake and Ewing Park. Read more below to learn about the history of Easter Lake, project partners, and plans to improve the watershed.

Easter Lake Watershed Management Plan

Vision Statement

“Easter Lake will be a sustainable resource that provides diverse outdoor recreation activities for visitors.  Public education and community involvement will be the driving force behind improving watershed management techniques and developing a healthy ecosystem.”

Watershed Goals

  • Improve water quality throughout the watershed by implementing management practices
  • Reconnect local residents and visitors with the natural amenities of Easter Lake and its surroundings
  • Educate the public about water quality and watersheds and how their actions impact our water resources
  • Increase aquatic health and the aesthetic value of Easter Lake

Our Progress At Improving Water Quality

Projects Installed
Tons of Sediment/Particulate Reduced Annually*
Gallons of Stormwater Treated Annually*
*Assuming efficacy of all Best Management Practices (BMPs) installed remains constant

Do You Reside Within The Easter Lake Watershed?

You're Eligible for Up To 75% Cost-share on Rainscaping Practices

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