Improving Easter Lake's Fishery by...

Installing New Fish Habitat

New Fish Habitat Installation

As part of the many exciting improvements to Easter Lake’s fishery, 130 new fish habitat structures have been placed throughout the lakebed in 2018. These fish habitat structures include cedar trees, spawning beds, catfish hides, and rock piles. These structures, created by mainly recycled materials, provide valuable habitat benefits and help to maintain desirable fish populations. GPS points have been marked for each structure installed and Iowa DNR has created user-friendly habitat map for Easter Lake anglers to utilize!

Types of Fish Habitat Installed at Easter Lake

Scroll through the photos below to view the different types of habitat there were installed to improve the fisher at Easter Lake

In total, 40 Cedar trees were installed on Easter Lake’s lakebed. These trees provide shelter for bait fish that Easter Lake’s Black Crappie and Large Mouth Bass feed on.

A combination of 49 concrete and rock piles were installed on the lake bottom to provide critical spawning habitat as well as a suitable substrate for aquatic vegetation to attach and grow on.

23 brush and tree piles and 3 earth mounds were assembled to provide shelter for juvenile game fish as they develop into sizeable length for angling.

8 spawning beds were furnished for Large Mouth Bass and Black Crappie along with 7 piles of concrete culverts to provide hiding and spawning areas for Channel Catfish introduced into Easter Lake.



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